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– If you bite me on the butt, despite the danger of sinking your teeth into fecal matter, then if I bite you on the head, I will disregard the danger of sinking my teeth into cerebral matter. African proverbs and their meanings makes it easy for you to digest the deep meaning of the wisdom in the saying of our four fathers. Here are some top 15 of the most hilarious and clever proverbs one can hear in Nigeria. — Igbo proverb. Translation: There was a witch cry yesterday and a … Nigerian Proverbs. This is by far one of the funniest Nigerian proverbs and it is best said in Pigin English. Ura ga-eju onye nwuru anwu afo. Nwa ovu na-eto, o di ka o ga-aka nneya. Nigerian Proverbs (in English) by hotangel2(f): 9:26am On Aug 26, 2005 I see pete edoche (nigerian actor) and other men, speaking in proverbs like it's their language. (Nigerian Proverb) Even as the archer loves the arrow that flies, so too he loves the bow that remains constant in his hands. 50. In life when things happen there must be a root cause. – The tortoise said that it always travels with its musical instrument in case it meets other musicians. Some African Proverbs and their meanings I am a true son of my father because in Africa, a crab does not beget a bird. Ugo chara acha adi(ghi) echu echu – A mature eagle feather will ever remain pure. 2. Proverb : “Bi Esin ba dáni gúlè ã tun gun ni!” Meaning: If a Horse fell someone, what we do is to re-climb it. 19 cool African proverbs and their meanings All the many different types of African people have a rich cultural heritage that has survived colonialism, conflict and many other issues. In the same way, our conversations are enriched by the proverbs we use. 451 Nigerian Proverbs. 8 Local Words That Have The Same Pronunciation And Meaning In Yoruba And Edo Languages, All You Need To Know About the Igbo People of Bioko in Equatorial Guinea, Iwa Iji- New Yam Festival of the Igbo People, Igbo Pre-Colonial Political System or Administration, https://oldnaija.com/2020/04/18/fifty-igbo-proverbs-and-their-meanings-in-english-language/, Nigerian ethnic groups and their languages, How To Greet Or Say Hello In 15 Nigerian Languages, The Igue Festival- Edo's colourful festival, Oriki Offa – Eulogy of Offa Town in Kwara State, Our Culture, Our Tradition: Embracing The Nigerian Way Of Life, Five Unchallengeable Facts About The Hausa People, Opobo: Land of the Great King Jaja Where Noise Making is Forbidden at Night, Oriki Ibeji (Yoruba Twins Panegyric) and its English Translation, List of over 350 Ethnic Groups in Nigeria and the states they are found, Titles of Traditional Rulers in Yorubaland, Oriki Ilorin Afonja (Panegyric of Ilorin), Ibi Ugwu (Male Circumcision) In Igbo Land, Osu Caste System in Igboland- A Tradition Painted With Discrimination, Oruko Amutorunwa (Pre-Destined Names) In Yorubaland, 12 Amazing Facts About Opa Oranmiyan (Oranmiyan’s Staff) That You Never Knew, Detailed List Of Five Tribes Found In Kwara State, Oke’badan festival in the heart of Ibadan, The Real Origin And Meanings of Yoruba Names, Indirect Rule in Nigeria – Overview, Reasons and Results, Download Mo Ri Keke Kan by King Sunny Ade, 'Three Roads To Tomorrow'- A Nigerian Film Shot In 1958, Comprehensive History of Ilorin and the Reign of Afonja, Meet Benson Idonije, Fela Kuti’s Manager And Burna Boy’s Grandfather, Anglo-Zulu War: Account of the Historical War Between Great Britain and the Zulu Kingdom in 1879, Download Peoples Club Odogwu by Osita Osadebe Mp3, The First Republic In Nigeria And Its Collapse (1960-1966), Execution of General I.D Bisalla and other Feb. 1976 coup plotters (with photos), Download Omo To Shan – Olamide ft. Wizkid, Fuji Music: Download Sikiru Ayinde Barrister’s Songs, The National Union of Nigerian Students (NUNS, 1956), Download Aye Nreti Eleya Mi by King Sunny Ade, Erin Ijesha Waterfall: Tourist Destination in Osun State. The saying that lion no fit born goat is Pigin English which translates to a lion cannot give birth to a goat. The meaning of this proverb borders around wisdom and what it really means is a child does not see or understand things the way a more experienced elder would and therefore struggle to make wise decisions. No matter how beautiful and well crafted a coffin might look, it will not make anyone wish for death. African proverbs have always been full of deep meanings, and wisdom, and something that you can always look to for inspiration, and motivation. South African proverbs, for instance, are a reflection of the region's culture. Therefore, below you will find top 30 African proverbs and their meaning. – Unity is strength, 3. What Money Buys the Richest People in Nigeria, Adesua Etomi Biography, Movies, Parents, Husband & Age, Black Friday Deals 2018: Best Buys for the Best Price, The First University in Nigeria: University of Ibadan, Hero of June 12, 1993: Chief M.K.O Abiola Biography, How to Say – ‘Thank You’ to your Boss(SMS, Letter & Mails), Top Famous Hollywood Actors And Actresses. A ma ka mmiri si were baa n’opi ugboguru? If you enjoy these Igbo proverbs and their meanings, kindly drop a comment below and share on social media. Speech is silver,silence is golden 2. – A drunken fowl has not met a mad fox. 28. In the same way, our conversations are enriched by the proverbs we use. So good in our African culture. 5. 29. Meaning: This is a famous African proverb about life and death. Ebe onye dara ka chi ya kwaturu ya. Okuko mmanya na-egbu ahubegh i mmanwulu ara na-ayi. – Relations are concerned mostly with a person’s behaviour. OldNaija Historical Exhibition Project. This Nigerian proverb is a funny African proverb as well. Do not force it or do the unthinkable because nothing will change the outcome. 150. 1. The proverb is best used when the following are exposed, a cheat, serial liar, impersonator, pretender and so on. – If the vulture fails to hover at the end of a sacrifice, then you know that something happened in the land of spirits. – Those who defecate at night see the ghost grasshopper. Below, we have provided 50 Igbo proverbs and their meanings in English language for Igbo and non-Igbo speakers. African proverbs and their meanings makes it easy for you to digest the deep meaning of the wisdom in the saying of our four fathers. Meaning: Don’t jump into a situation without first thinking about it. 30. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full credit is given to OldNaija which must include appropriate and specific backlink to the original content on our website. It is only a stupid cow that rejoices at the prospect of being taken to a beautiful abattoir. A woman who pursues a man for sex loses her spiritual beauty. – When the baby wren is growing, it looks like it would be bigger than its mother. This article presents 145+ Funny African Proverbs and hidden, deeper Meanings You Didn’t Know … No matter how many push-ups the lizard does, it will never be as muscular as the alligator. 22. Igbo Proverbs and their meanings Nigerian Proverbs. Sayings of Nigerian origin. Ula towa uto, ekwowe ya ekwowe. In Africa, it is the same and African proverbs are the pride of the African culture.From time immemorial, African proverbs have been used to convey messages during important conversations. 10. No thief our contents o or else we report you to Google. Some African Proverbs and their meanings I am a true son of my father because in Africa, a crab does not beget a bird. Shey you don hear, abeg no thief our contents o! These punchy quotes inspire, illuminate, and humor as they teach. – A dead person shall have all the sleep necessary. 43. — African proverb. However, it is said it all translates to the same thing which means “The wind has blown, the buttocks of the fowl will be revealed”. You can put off your duties as much as you want, when tomorrow comes, they will still be there. "Now the marriage begins," says the woman who has been beaten with thorns. – A presumed fool who sleeps in his father’s house is not a fool. – If one fails to lick his lips, the harmattan will do it. No matter what the goat does, it will still be sold in the market, meaning, what will be will be. Gidi gidi bụ ugwu eze. Proverbs have a deeper meaning that give them their sweetness. 4. The most beautiful fig may contain a worm. 3. Chinua Achebe (1930-2013), one of Africa’s and Nigeria’s most celebrated sons said it best, “Proverbs are the palm oil with which words are eaten.” Referring specifically to Igbo culture, and indeed in many Nigerian cultures, palm oil is used to make the meal sweeter. ~ African Proverb. Translation: When a plan falls out, you should not give up but keep trying. It is believed that these such sayings come from the wise and only the wise understands it. This saying means that if you disorder any activity that worries you, you should not believe others to do otherwise. Only a fool tests the depth of a river with both feet. Nwaanyi anaghi-eji na nwunyedi ya kwere ya ekene nke oma kpowa ya ogo. One thing I respect deeply about Africa is the treasure of wisdom our ancestors have handed down to us.

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